A Journey Together..

Aimed with the idea of addressing inadequacies, and bringing about vital changes to the existing fragmented systems, TASA ECHS commenced a synergised IT initiative – TEMIS. The initiative called for the dedicated participation of all stakeholders, in order to make the scheme fully responsive to veterans.

Plugging the gaps and integration of stakeholders, required automation of the entire process, to ensure transparency, enhanced efficiency, and optimal utilisation of resources. TASA ECHS collaborated with Intellobots Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a software development company, to leverage its cutting-edge technology that would provide remarkable service to the ECHS clientele.

The Journey Begins:

This journey that TASA ECHS and Intellobots embarked upon, began 415 days ago.

Our initial engagement began with the idea of building an appointment and inventory system. However, with the perceptive inputs of all our stakeholders during the process, along with the guidance of TASA management, the system evolved into the much more holistic ECHS Management Information System.

First Milestone:

Our first milestone was the facilitation of ECHS appointment booking online, and through mobile applications, taking into consideration, ratings, and feedback from beneficiaries. The online appointment system is currently being used actively, by ECHS beneficiaries and stakeholders across 16 polyclinics of TASA. The application allows advanced bookings every day. The number is anticipated to double within the next quarter.
While the application was scheduled to be launched on Republic Day i.e., 26th January 2018, TASA management found it more fitting to conduct the launch on Army Day, observed on 15th January 2018. Determined to fulfill this request of our esteemed client, we roped in additional resources and continued to work relentlessly.

The Appoint Application was launched by Lt. Gen. Paramjit Singh, Commandant MCEME, and Maj. Gen. N. Srinivas Rao, GOC TASA. The application has since made appointments much easier and hassle-free for several ECHS beneficiaries, keeping up with the intended idea of making the process effortless.

Second Milestone:

Our second milestone was automating the process of indenting, procurement, distribution, and online auditing of medicines, with the Medicine Inventory Management System (MIMS).

We began developing the MIMS application, with the guidance of TASA management, CDA, SEMO, and other stakeholders. The Defense Procurement Manual and CDA guidelines were compiled subsequently, in order to automate process flows. With the development of the procedure, Intellobots team undertook detailed learning sessions with SEMO and CDA stakeholders.

With more than 70 training sessions, a detailed understanding of real-time issues, suggestions, and feedback from polyclinic staff and other SEMO stakeholders, the team evolved the app with customized updates, that met the stakeholder’s requirements appropriately.

MIMS system was launched by Maj. Gen. N. Srinivas Rao, GOC TASA, on June 14th, 2018.

Armed with the experience and domain knowledge acquired during this journey, we decided to raise the bar higher. Our next vision was that of a new Polyclinic Management Information System. This system would truly be a value addition, bridging existing gaps. It would further benefit the ECHS beneficiaries who were already benefiting from the existing software. Our drive to bring about a much more impactful change soon kick-started the necessary actions in this direction. We quickly commenced parallel efforts around the cloud-based PC MIS application along with offline capabilities, in less than two months. The system was successfully implemented across recommended polyclinics.

Post-go-live, we had the opportunity to brief the DGIS about the application, and the process. The DGIS didn’t just find the application appreciative, he also recommended it to the Armed Forces Medical Stores Depot, for their consideration.

Third Milestone:

Last in its line of development, the Central Monitoring System (CMS) is being designed to provide real-time information on the functioning of all stakeholders. It will also summarise information obtained from all ECHS modules. If used as intended by all stakeholders, the implementation of this automation project is sure to revolutionise ECHS, and raise clientele satisfaction between 80% to 90% in no time.


In thank-you note. You may mention we thank HQ TASA and Maj Gen N Srinivas Rao for giving us an opportunity to work on the automation of ECHS, the first of its kind in the country

We would also like to extend our special thanks to Col Anil Kumar NR for considering and shouldering this responsibility on Intellobots, and walking with us through this JOURNEY TOGETHER!